Turbine roof vents extract hot, stale and polluted indoor air. This allows cool, fresh air to enter the building from outside. Roof ventilation systems keep indoor environments cooler and healthier; they use no electricity and turn using the wind and natural convection. Turbovent’s range of turbine ventilators is made from the best quality material adhering to the highest international standards.
SFC specializes in the following:
  • Fitting of Turbine heat extractors /Whirleybird /Supavent
  • Galvanize, Aluminium & Stainless Steel
  • Fitting of Diffusers
Green and cost-effective | Natural Ventilation for your Factory, Warehouse or Home |Effective in gentle breezes or high-speed winds.
  • Cooling and ventilation: the primary benefit of turbine ventilators is that they efficiently remove hot, stale and polluted air from buildings in which attic-air can be heated up to 65°, this allows the air to be replaced with cool fresh air from outdoors.
  • Cost effective: turbine ventilators require no maintenance and no electricity to run.
  • In winter, roof ventilation systems remove moisture-laden air; too much moisture is known to deteriorate structures and cause mould to grow in attic spaces.
  • Reducing a building’s heat load will assist in reducing air-conditioning bills in summer.
  • The steady flow of air through ventilation clears out airborne contaminants and replenishes oxygen levels in the air, creating a fresh and healthy environment.